Monday, February 26, 2007

exhortation from the life of Bezeliel and oholiab by bro Tim Galbraith!!!!!!

Hi my brothers and sisters,
this sunday we had encouraging words by bro.Tim who focused mainly in the life of bezalel and oholiab.we read about them in our daiy readings from the book of exodus.and i just want to tell u short summary about the exhortation.
"When we look at a shodow,it is the reflection of any object,but that shadow is just an idea and we can just get an idea about the object.Like wise bezalel was under protection of God and he was the image of God.We are the tabernacle,Gods building in the ecclissia.And lord is the builder.
Likewise,god is the light and jesus is the reflection of that light.Bezalel was the imperfect of god's image because he was like us.So,bezalel is the shadow and the christ is the exact image of the almighty.
In hebrews(1v3)it says that the christ is the exact image of the father.Jesus was given this spirit where he can build the ecclissia with righteousness.
And when we look at Oholiab(his name means my fathers tabernacle)
when bezalel was building the tabernacle,it was constant reminder that this is the work of our lord.And so jesus,when he was on earth he was building God's tabernacle.John5:v19. and 5v30.
In john ch7:16,it say these teachings are my fathers and not mine.
so.builiding the lord's tabernacle means actually doing the father's works ,but not just hearing or speaking his wordsIn exodus chapter36 it says that they did in deeds what the lord has v8 it says they are working constantly for their ch 38 in many verses it saya they made...made...made.
so it means they have done in works not just in speaking or hearing.We will be under the protection of almighty.but sadly,the children of isreal were not very much concrened in god's works.they were much concerened about their own solomon in building his buildings)
In eze 23 which talks aabout the wickedness of egypt(oholibah)
when u llok at the meanings of the 2 names given below
oholiab-my fathershouse
oholibah-my tent
isreal were called to work for the God,but they were much concerened about themselves,that is same as oholibah.
and when you apply it to your life's are you lik oholiab or oholibah towards God?
there fore brothers and sister,it is wonderful calling to us to wrok for our God the creator,like christ who worked for the father in all his lifetime.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

About the cyc for the month of Feb

And later in the evening we had cyc as every third Sunday of the month is meant for the cyc at .It was Caorl’s turn to lead the cyc And we just had an intresting event. I never heard about it before. Did u? It is called “devil’s advocate.”We were given a passage from Job chapter 1: 6 through 12. it says about devil speaking to god about Job. I think u all know it. Like wise we went through many passages where it says about Devil or Satan in the bible. Jesus being tempted when he was fasting for foty days and at one time he calls peter as Satan and many more.And we had like 4 groups each consisting 6 members. And one among them will be Devil’s advocate. He has to prove that there is devil and devil exists in the bible as a supernatural being, and all the others contradict and should prove that there is nothing like Devil in the bible. In our group I was to be devil’s advocate and we really had much fun u know. Myself and Samson from compound both were arguing with others that there is devil in the bible. And Samson was like dominating other 4 members in the group and not allowing them to talk and atlast it was like are right (which is not real infact) because we were dominating all the other 4 members…………….

Perfect sacrifice

Great Day to all my loved ones in Christ.I just want to post the short summary about the encouraging words that we received from brother Tej for the last Sunday’s memorial meeting.He mainly compared the sacrifice of animals during the days of Moses with the sacrifice of Jesus.In the days of Moses God commanded them to see that the blood that they get from the animal which were offered as a sacrifice to be on their ears and hands (I.e ,on their thumb finger).And in the bible when we look at ears, it represents that those who hears Gods laws and when we look at thumb finger, It is much important among all the fingers .Just imagine our hand without thumb finger??And like wise, when we look at the sacrifice of Jesus , He too was a perfect sacrifice as God commanded. When he was on the cross, his blood was flowing through his ears , when the crown of thorns was on his head. And also blood was on his finger’s when they nailed his Hands and legs .He obeyed God’s commands in being a perfect sacrifice. Just go through 1 corinthians 5:1 to 3 which says the time is near, and we do not know when our lord is going to come , he might come like a thief at night!Let us also follow Jesus in being a perfect sacrifice for God in all the things that we do.P.s :I was very late to the meeting this Sunday L, so I missed the English exhortation and I just heard a short summary in telugu. but I hope u understood. I f this is not clear, let me know and I will try to post it again.With love in our master,Chitanya..

Thursday, February 15, 2007