Sunday, February 18, 2007

About the cyc for the month of Feb

And later in the evening we had cyc as every third Sunday of the month is meant for the cyc at .It was Caorl’s turn to lead the cyc And we just had an intresting event. I never heard about it before. Did u? It is called “devil’s advocate.”We were given a passage from Job chapter 1: 6 through 12. it says about devil speaking to god about Job. I think u all know it. Like wise we went through many passages where it says about Devil or Satan in the bible. Jesus being tempted when he was fasting for foty days and at one time he calls peter as Satan and many more.And we had like 4 groups each consisting 6 members. And one among them will be Devil’s advocate. He has to prove that there is devil and devil exists in the bible as a supernatural being, and all the others contradict and should prove that there is nothing like Devil in the bible. In our group I was to be devil’s advocate and we really had much fun u know. Myself and Samson from compound both were arguing with others that there is devil in the bible. And Samson was like dominating other 4 members in the group and not allowing them to talk and atlast it was like are right (which is not real infact) because we were dominating all the other 4 members…………….

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