Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Everything is from God!!!

HI my loved ones in Christ,

Today i want to encourage you by reminding u that everything is from God.

When we look at this picture,We hardly see a small dot.And rest is just free space.If we can take ratio of that small dot with the free space,it can be like 1:98.Likewise in our daily life God may put trials and test us whether we can bear it or not.

when we take ratio of trials and hard times that God gives us with the Gifts that he gave us,I think it could be the same.

And we consider the gifts that god has given us to be good ones in our lifes and the trials and hardtimes as bad things,Don't we? But in reality everything is from God, so there shouldn't be any thing bad at all.Because God has a plan for each one of us before we were born.And so, He is working out his plan for us according to his will.God also say's that he knows how much strength we have to face these tests and hardtimes.So,let us accept with courage and patience thinking that"For God so loved me,He put this test and hardtime for me."

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